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How We Started!!!

Tracy and Mike's Skoolie Story

We have always talked about traveling, just with full time jobs and children, we have been limited to what we have been able to do.  Last September (2020) Tracy was away and I was left at home alone.  Since I do a lot of woodworking, I'm on Pinterest quite frequently and that day I saw where people had been converting old school buses into tiny homes and RV's.

When Tracy returned from her trip, I brought up what I had found on Pinterest.  Tracy loved the idea of the Skoolie and within a few weeks we owned a 1998 International Thomas school bus.  We spent the next year renovating it into a livable RV.  Well it will be more than a year, because we are starting this blog on the 1 year anniversary (September 29, 2020) of our purchase and we are not quite done yet.

Our goal is to sell our house and start traveling in our Fat_Bottomed_Skoolie.  We will be finding a new (smaller) house in the near future but right now we are going to be enjoying our travel....

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