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Game #4 and Fenway Park Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This was the first game in the 3 game series with the Toronto Blue Jays. This is the first home team to win a game that we have been to. Not much of an offensive performance between the teams.

From my emails that I sent all the teams, Boston is one of the teams that offered us complimentary tickets to this game. We had lower bowl tickets to the right side behind home plate. We were in Section Grandstand 19. Good view of the entire field. The seats are very narrow and the rows of seats are very narrow also. With it being cold and everyone bundled up with layers of warmer clothing on made it even worse but this is Fenway Park.

Fenway Park has a lot of food concession stands throughout the park. With all the concession stands it made it difficult maneuvering through the people waiting to get food to get to our seats. The walk ways around the stadium were very narrow also. The food was very good....we had the Foot Long hot dogs, fries and drinks. Each stadium seems to have the same or similar pricing for their foods. The lines did seem to be a little slower then other places.

This was a ballpark that was constructed in 1912 and only took 7 months to build. Now it has been renovated several times over the last couple decades but it still has it's look from the early years of the stadium. Was it the most comfortable place to sit and watch a game? Not really but this is Fenway Park and it's baseball. Just hope that the people sitting next to you are courteous and gracious because of the cramped seating. My wife had a lady next to her that was sitting sideways in her chair to talk to her friends and constantly bumping into her. The lady was definitely not there to watch the game.

First Pitch......

The Blue Jays out hit the Red Sox 8 to 3, but due to a throwing error in the 7th by shortstop Bo Bichette the Red Sox won 2-1. Not much of an offensive performance as the only run for the Blue Jays was a solo home run by Zach Collins in the 2nd inning.

The Red Sox were able to tie it up in the bottom of the 3rd with back to back doubles from the lead off hitter Enrique Hernandez and Trevor Story. After the 3rd inning, the Blue Jays and Red Sox could not produce anything until the bottom of the 7th when the Red Sox scored an unearned run.

With First Baseman Bobby Dalbec leading off the bottom of the 7th, he hit a ground ball to short which Bichette fielded cleanly but rushed an unbalanced sidearm throw that ended up in the Red Sox dugout allowing Dalbec to move to 2nd with no outs. This was the 2nd error for Bichette this game in the same manner. Both times Bichette had time to plant his feet and make the throw, except he rushed them for a more dramatic look, maybe?? Balbec was able to move to third on a ground out by Bradley and then score the Red Sox 2nd and winning run of the game from a sac fly to right by Wong.

The Blue Jays had nothing going on for them. After the 5th inning, they only managed 1 hit and 1 base runner. The winning pitcher for the Red Sox was Hansel Robles that came in and pitched 1 2/3 of an inning allowing no hits, no runs, and striking out 2. The hard luck loser for the Blue Jays was Yimi Garcia, who pitched 1 inning allowing no hits, 1 unearned run, and no strike outs.

Right Field view of Fenway Park in the bottom of the 8th inning. Fenway Park was a great park to be. Seeing a park that was 110 years old was amazing. Watching the hand operated scoreboard in left field was interesting. I always thought that everything was changed from behind the scoreboard, but not quite. The out of town scores were updated after each half inning, as a door would open from the scoreboard and the operator would come out and change the scores and inning for the away games.

My overall rating for the stadium was an A. Still playing baseball in a stadium that was 110 years old is quite amazing. The stadium has been renovated but not to the point of where they have changed that much about it. The food was good, the views are great, the seats and rows are narrow (imagine trying to sit there in the 30's, 40's, and 50's in a suit and tie), and again its Fenway Park.

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