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Game Day......Stadium #7 Atlanta Braves and the review of Truist Park

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This was the first game of a 3 game series between the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. We are on a winning streak now with the home team. After starting out 0-3 with the home team losing the first 3 games that we attended, the home teams have won the next 4 games that we have seen.

From the emails that I sent to the teams earlier this year letting them know our intentions for visiting all 30 stadiums this year, I was able to get some great assistance from Andrew Ellis with the Atlanta Braves. Now we didn't get complimentary tickets but we did get into their Delta Club before the game (lots of food and drinks) and also got a mini tour. So far this has been my most favorite stadium. The stadium had a lot of Camden Yards in it (brick everywhere) and a lot of it's own features. The stadium just looked amazing.

They had the Hank Aaron Terrace in Left Field, since Home Depot is based in Atlanta they had the Home Depot Clubhouse in Left Center Field, and then in Right Field the "Chop House", and finally in the Right Field wall was "Below the Chop". Just a very cool set up with everything that they had there. Plenty of food options through out the stadium and everything seemed to flow very well.

Before the game started, there was the pre game entertainment. The funniest thing was the oblivious cam that would pick people out in the stands and have a timer to see how long it would take to see that they were on the big screen. Usually with the pre game entertainment, the emcee would just be standing in one place but here the emcee was wandering the field, talking to players, interacting with the fans, and just out for a stroll through the outfield as the ground crew was getting the field ready for the start of the game.

We sat in section 329 row 1 and had great views of the entire field. Didn't seem like there was a bad seat anywhere in the stadium. The atmosphere was lively, the organist was the best so far, and they really love to shoot off fireworks (pregame, strike outs, home runs, probably some more things that we didn't witness). There seemed to be plenty of food options through out the stadium and the waits were not bad. With the food options, it seems still that if you want some of the better food, it all seems to be on the first level at every stadium. So basically you need to get your food as you walk in before heading up to your seats. Now since we ate in the Delta Club before the game, there wasn't much for us to check out once at our seats.

First pitch......Ball 1. Not a very offensive game. There were 2 solo home runs, a sac fly, and a run scoring error by the Cubs centerfielder. The Cubs were only able to get 4 hits with a solo home run for their only run of the game, a double, and 2 singles. The Braves weren't much better with only 6 hits with a solo homer and 5 singles. All the hits were off the starters, so after then the bullpens for both teams totally shut down the other. The game came in at a quick pace of 2 hours and 31 minutes.

Marcus Stroman took the hard luck loss for the Cubs while pitching 6 innings giving up 6 hits, 2 earned runs, and striking out 3 with no walks. Max Fried was the winning pitchers for the Atlanta Braves while pitching 6 innings giving up 4 hits, 1 earned run, and striking out 4 with no walks.

I will say that this has been my favorite stadium. The stadium is top notch and it's just fabulous to look at. Always finding something that catches your eye. The food was great and the staff was exceptional. This stadium is an A+ in my view. This is only our 7th stadium visit and we still have 23 more to visit, so there may be a new favorite stadium somewhere down the road.

On to Tampa next.....

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