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Here We Go!!

Our Trip has actually already started. This past Monday we left South Carolina and started heading north. Stopping in to visit family before getting to DC.

We completed the bus....yeah! It's taken us weeks just to get the last 10% of the bus done. Seems like it was taking forever. We had to skip going to Spring Training because of the delays, plus there were no vacancies in West Palm Beach RV parks or in the surrounding areas. Some of the RV parks will not allow Skoolies (School Bus converted into an RV). The many problems over the last few weeks was just a punch to the gut as they have been self inflicted problems. I destroyed our Mini-Split AC compressor by running off the edge of the driveway trying to go get new tires for the bus in a rain storm. We went through 3 hot water heaters before finally finding 1 that would work with our system. Had out batteries draining fully and would not re-charge. Lastly, messed up the drain to the shower and had to rip it out and redo it.

After all the previous problems, we had to take a little trip to just get away for a few days to regain our waiting for the new parts to arrive. Went to Myrtle Beach to visit family for 3 days. Just a couple of pictures from our visit.

Hopefully all of our problems are past us (knock on wood) and we get this trip rolling on a good note. So since Monday after a few delays, we have finally hit the road. Made it to Greensboro and was able to park at a Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel is a popular and welcome place to stay overnight. Most have RV parking spots unless there are city ordinances forbidden it. We got up the next morning and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel but not in the restaurant........did pick up and ate in the bus.

Now we are currently in Bedford staying at the Bedford Welcome Center that has 3 RV parking spots. Visiting our Bedford family and just catching up with some great friends! Since we were staying at the welcome center the bus has caught some peoples eyes. The Bedford Welcome Center posted to their Facebook page about us and our upcoming trip.

Will not bore you all anymore with my rambling. Now that we have the bus completed, I will be able to post more here on this page, plus keeping up with our Instagram and Facebook pages. Plus as I get more into writing on here the pieces will get better, more precise, and more entertaining as we really get into our planned trip of baseball games.....First one is opening day at Nationals Park on Thursday April 7th as the Nat's take on the Mets. Will Scherzer be the opening day pitcher for the Mets to take on his former team?

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