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Opening Day Coming Soon???????

Right now Opening Day is in jeopardy for MLB. The owners have stated that if a deal is not completed by Monday 2/28 then the regular season will be delayed and those games that are missed will not be made up. So basically a shortened season where everyone loses out.

The union and the owners have met everyday this week but no agreement done. The insiders that are covering the talks.....the people I've been following on twitter is @JeffPassan @JesseRogersESPN and @chelsea_janes They have been reporting pretty regularly about who is there and getting some info back about what's happening in the meetings.

I personally think they need to spend more time each day. They are basically showing up at 1pm and leaving by 5 or 6. With a deadline coming up Monday to start the season on time, I think more than 4 to 5 hours are needed. What's with this starting at 1pm?

On better news....the bus. The bus is coming along great. We have all the solar installed and it's working. The solar panels are charging the batteries, and the batteries are running the lights. We unplugged the bus from the house and the batteries were able to run everything in the bus.

We decided to take out the RV jack-knife sofa and put in a booth with a table. With this booth we will have an eating area and the table can be taken down and put between the benches and made into a lounger or a bed. The benches for the booth have storage inside of them. We think this is a great improvement for us.

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