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Schedule Planning Headaches!!!

A lot went into planning our travel schedule. I printed all the teams 2022 schedules, except for the Oakland A's as they don't have a printable schedule yet, so 29 teams printed schedules.

@Oakland A’s…no printable schedule yet??

What do you think? Looks like fun going through all these schedules, huh? Took a long time printing out the 29 schedules. Ran out of the black ink printing….as you can see by the pink schedules.

Wanted to start in May as it will be warmer then, so the evening games will not be cold as it would be in April....well, we were not able to get through all the teams if we started in May.

So April it is.....beginning with Atlanta April 26 then moving south and heading in a circle around the country. Schedule working out well for visiting the stadiums and stopping at other locations that we want to see or spend some time at (Key West) plus an already planned 3 days in Las Vegas. Deciding on how much time it would take to get from one location to the other and ensuring that the next team had a home game. We will be traveling in our Skoolie (School Bus converted to a livable RV) which has a top speed of 55 mph. Yes, 55 mph. Remember, this is a former school bus, so this one has a governor on it to keep the speed down with children in it. We still haven't decided if we can or will remove it. We also want to limit our travel to 250 - 300 miles per day. Don't want to spend the entire day driving!

As we are getting around the country, we run in to the 1st scheduling issue and one that is still in our schedule. For stadiums that have a roof we have a single day scheduled to attend. For the ones that don't have a roof we scheduled 2 to 3 days that we could attend, so in case there is a rain out, we don't miss a stadium. So that 1 issue is San Francisco, when we are catching them on the last day of their home stand for that week. If by chance we miss that date due to a rain out or something else, then we do have a window open to return to SF after hitting Seattle and before Colorado. Hopefully we get to SF on the original schedule date.

As we are moving around the country, I started running into problems with the Northeast teams......Boston, both NY teams, Philadelphia. These teams do not line up very well in August. 1 team may have been in town for 10 days and another team wasn't in town for those same 10 days. Didn't want to stay in Boston for 10 days before NY was back in town. We started playing with the schedule and trying to see what we could do. Tracy came up with starting the Odyssey earlier and seeing what the month of April looked like for the Northeast teams. After looking at the month it looks like April lines up very well for all the teams... so we now start 3 weeks earlier.

We will be seeing some of the Washington Nationals games for their home opening series from 4/4 - 4/7 then moving North to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Yankees, Mets, and then Boston 4/17 or 4/18 before heading back down to Atlanta for their game on the 26th or 27th. At that point in Atlanta, we pick up on our original schedule that we made and heading in that circle around the country and ending again with the Nationals on August 17th.

Well, we have the stadium schedule completed, now where are we going to be stopping nightly. Staying at a R

V park, Campsite, Harvest Hosts, rest stop, or a parking lot? Guess it all depends on how long we will be staying in the area.

30 Stadiums starting 4/4 and going until 8/17…. 4 ½ months. We can’t wait!!

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