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Update on the MLB Stadium Odyssey!!

Heard some positive news early last week about the lockout but have not heard anything since then. Hopefully they have been meeting in secret and are ready to announce a new CBA agreement!! That way our trip will go on as planned.

Since the last posting, I have now taken my Leave of Absence from work. I now have the time to fully work on the bus to get it finish, especially working on the trip plans, and then all the social media parts, like this blog.

The trip plans are piling up! I have the route and the schedule completed. That was the easy part. The rest is where are we going to stay, how much are we going to be driving each day, where else are we going to visit, and emailing all the teams for assistance with our trip.

The last part of the plans I did some this past weekend and finished tonight. I emailed 10 teams of the weekend and then the other 20 this evening. I also sent an email to MLB and included in there a "CBA agreement would be appreciated to start the season on time". For the 10 emails that I sent over the weekend, I did receive 2 emails back from the teams. The Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays have both responded.

Now on to the bus......we are currently staying at our daughter's house in SC. We sold our house!! We listed our house on December 29th and had it sold on December 31st. We packed up our things and moved them to a storage container on our daughter's property. Thankfully they are allowing us to store our belongings here and finish the build of our bus aka Fat Bottomed Skoolie. We are moving along with the bus now. Currently working on the shower and the solar/electrical.

Pictures of our Solar equipment and the start of mounting them on the top of the bus. Was starting to get dark, so had to stop with just getting 2 rails lined up on the roof. Hopefully will have the panels mounted tomorrow!!

More updates to come and they will be more frequent now that I don't have to work!!

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