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Will Tomorrow Morning Be a Happy Morning?

Last Monday night into Tuesday morning, I was refreshing Twitter constantly trying to get the most up to date news on the lockout that I could until I couldn't stay up any longer. Woke up Tuesday morning with no deal but they had a 5pm deadline to complete one, but to no avail there ended up not being a deal. Tonight and now into Wednesday morning, I'm constantly hitting refresh on Twitter for the most up to date news as the negotiations go on into the early morning hours. It looks like MLB is moving more towards the numbers that the players are looking for. There are reports the MLB is moving more towards the players numbers but there are strings attached to those numbers. Will there be another disappointment in the morning or will the planning of our trip jump into full gear?

With the trip, we have emailed every team and have heard back from most of them. There are teams that are offering us assistance with free tickets (Brewers, Red Sox, and Mets) which is awesome, there are some that are asking us to get back to them closer to our visit date to assist us then, and then there are some that just haven't responded (Cubs, Reds, Arizona, Yankees, Padres, Giants, and Cardinals). With a new deal and once the schedule is set for when the season will start, then I will begin the email process again. Still have to sets where we will be staying each night (RV park, Harvest Host location, Walmart, Truck Stop)? Just need to get the bus completed to spend full time on the remaining planning.

The bus is about 90% complete. I have 4 major projects to complete....The shower still needs it's floor drain (plus fix a water leak), need to install the 4 cameras on the outside of the bus, install the trailer hitch to tow the Jeep Wrangler, and the drain lines under the bus need to be reinstalled. There are a bunch of smaller projects but we are getting closer. Hopefully within the next 7 days we will be long as the weather improves. Rain yesterday and today have slowed down the work progress.

So right now praying for an agreement and a MLB season and better weather. Calling it a night at 1:30 am as the most recent tweet came out from @BNightengale that the owners and players are in their 15th hour of negotiations, which last week they had a 16 1/2 hour session.

At what point tomorrow will there be an agreement reached? I will predict by 5pm on Wednesday everything will be completed and signed. Then the craziest free agent signing period will begin.

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